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​We understand that as a parent  you're serious, you are choosing to invest in your student's success and so that is why we are here.

We recognize respect and affirm that each child's approach to learning is so different that we as educators must be prepared to offer them the support and guidance that is needed.

So our approach is to always keep an open mind and seek out new and creative ways to learn and master new learning habits. We go over each child's learning style, looking at the unique strengths and weakness and asking the questions the curriculum or the classroom doesn't also allowed parents to. We are the bridge that supports both parents and teachers.

Here are some of the questions we tackle in giving you the best possible outcome built right into our Learning Programs and packages.

For example we ask,  "What is the best approach we would want to use with each child's personality?" "How can we teach our students' to think more independently? "What is our target goal and how will it be measured?" "What steps can we take to ensure each child is not left unchallenged or feeling over challenged?" "How can we really motivate a child if they are not even motivated to learn?" "What activities and actions might limit interests in completing tasks?" "Is this student task oriented or process oriented?" Among many other key questions, of course the list is endless. But we try to cover the most important posed by our parents themselves. Another concerning question we often get is, "How can I ensure that my child's IEP isn't a life long clutch, that wont harm their self esteem? So these are some of the questions we ask ourselves when building and tailoring our packages to meet or exceed the parents and their students academic goals and concerns. It is why we strive to: encourage, educate and empower our students, so they in turn will:encourage, educate and empower others.  We are hoping to be a support system to our over worked teachers, academic advisers or school counselors and educators.

Welcome! We are glad you are here. Please see our Services for Package descriptions.   


​​Our One Year Membership will come with an assigned mentor to each student's academic or career goal as needed throughout school year.

We offer personalized strategies and a Personalized Educational Assessment. That is through and provides critical information of how to better teach and mentor each student according to not just their learning styles but personality, strengths and weaknesses.

We Encourage. We Educate. We Empower

Reading Comprehension Classes

Our commitment to build stronger reading comprehension skills for our students remain our priority.  Every one of our members that sign up for any of our contract programs will get Reading Comprehension as additional support all school year long and at no additional cost!. This is our Signature Program. Call us to schedule a spot in our next Free Assessment Block.


The Learning Mansion - Professional Tutoring with Amazing Results!

Experienced instructors

Because of growing numbers we need certified instructor or tutors to teach some of our high demand classes. Interested?Contact us!

Youth counselors

Every year we will also look forward to students who wish to do internships while making the most of our workshop for all ages. Stay tuned! 

The Learning Mansion 

We wont wait for summer to give you big savings! We're offering early booking discounts for July and August 20017 for all new students after our Grand Opening. Simply mention code SUMMERTIME when you call! Whether you sign up or not. We will give you a discount towards our Summer Deals for non-members.


Academic Coach & Counselor

We have our team supported by PTC Consulting that offers many personalized  options to advancing your child's learning using our Academic Assessment.

Summer Specials